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The name's Maria, but you can call me Mars.
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Harry Potter is my everything.
Romione, Jily and Everlark will forever have my heart.
This blog contains fangirling and lots of it.

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Okay, you guys. As I mentioned, I’m going to London tonight and won’t be back until Tuesday evening.


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“losing followers”


as i like to call it

“narrowing down the list of people who are invited to a wicked awesome party with a bouncy castle and water slide and ice cream”

what show are you doing??

A musical called ‘Blood Brothers’. :)

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I love your outfit! You look great!!!

Aw, thank you. <3 It’s one of my faves too. :D It’s like my go to dress when I’m in a hurry. Haha..

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I really really like your dress!!!! :-)

Thanks! :D It’s from… PRIMARK! Muaha. Which is where I’ll be spending A LOT of time when I’m in London. ^_^

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