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Soooo… I have a blood clot in my left upper arm.

Found out yesterday. Been in and out of the hospital since Wednesday.

So now I’m on anticoagulants. And have to be back in a month for a check up and the results of my blood work.

This is so surreal.

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So, remember when I said I’d won tickets to the galla premiere of ‘What If’? Well, that was tonight.


Dan was sitting right behind us! My friend has a video. Going to have her send it to me and then I’ll show you guys.

Best. Night. Ever.

Also, ‘What If’ is SO cute!!

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Special skills: extensive Harry Potter knowledge, can watch an entire TV show in a week, knows words to every Disney song, can form abnormally strong attachments to fictional characters, Microsoft Word


"What’s a Wheezy?"…"The thing Harry Potter will miss most, sir!” 

i did one for ginny and now finally have done one for ron

this could have been so much longer


hello hello :~) so it’s that time of the year where i make a list of my favourite people and my favourite blogs on this website and try not to fuck up or forget anyone so here we go

cool friendsies: 

・゚・ marina (jamielannistered): i’m gonna try to be as least sappy as i can but i love u you’re my favourite person on earth (along w harry styles probably but i don’t think u mind) v cool girl also pretty great blog. u are bae
・゚・ sara (watsonjoan): LOV OF MY LIFE i cannot believe i’m friends with u. you’re my favie and you’re the funniest person on earth probably and i never wanna stop being friends w you or to stop talking about hl with you you make me very happy. u are louis i am harry/niall (still not sure?) fic buddies 4 life
・゚・ charlotte (rrupertgrint): THE SWEETEST MUNCHKIN ALIVE!!! i lov u so much you’re my baby angel and you’re always so nice to me i must have rly good karma to have a friend like u. anyway thanks for being my buddy and i hope u get to suck dan’s dick
・゚・ dani (avoidthedarksun): where do i begin with u smh. you’re a lil video-game-obsessed dumbass but i love you so so much you’re one of my closest friends and i honestly value our friendship so much :~) u deserve the entire world and also dichael carreira 4 life
・゚・ steph (tothebasement): wtf are you made of you’re the cutest person on earth. i love you a bunch and you have the greatest music taste and i’m always here to call u cute and talk to u about matty healy harry styles and 5sos

mutuals(italics are my faves):

gwenstasy ✧ clintonbartons ✧ durmstrang ✧ jessiepinkman ✧ tylergposeyy ✧ lashtoned ✧ patheticjunkies ✧ hteniall ✧ queerdaryl ✧ aaronwarenr ✧ grangerhermione ✧ ohtonks ✧ jakesjohnson ✧ winchestters ✧ wntersxldierw-inchestered ✧ tardis-impala ✧ ichbodcrane ✧ danielradcliffes ✧ nevillles ✧ clafiln ✧ pensieveforyourthoughts ✧ butercups ✧ blame-it-on-heisenberg ✧ screwthemkids ✧ airbended ✧ jimypagedicaprs ✧ crestas ✧ tatianamaslies ✧ heavenlymango ✧ notapotato ✧ nickmillers ✧ ron-weasley


caramelfringe ✧ genderqueenstyles ✧ quitespecial ✧ daisyeriksen ✧ walkingdixon ✧ newgirlthings ✧ paulwesley ✧ loutomlinsns ✧ piknman ✧ itsokaysammy

thank you all for giving me a cool-ass dashboard!!! ur all great and i hope i didn’t forget anybody and i also hope you have a lovely summer!!! lov u :~) x

Awwww.. Thank you, bb!! <3333




(Now I just need to hear back about winning that meet’n’greet. COME ON! I need to win that toooooo!!)

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Chris Evans and Aaron Taylor-Johnson attend the Marvel Studios panel during Comic-Con International 2014 at San Diego.